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FirstSpear - Assaulters Armor Carrier (AAC), SAPI, Multicam

SKU FS5009000015900403-M
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  • Direct action armor system
  • Designed to be light and fast 
  • Breathable mesh body 
  • Quick release Tubes™ technology
  • 6/12™ laser cut platform
  • Made in the USA

Purpose built for Direct Action user roles, the Assaulter Armor Carrier (AAC) utilizes the latest in First Spear Technology to keep weight to an absolute minimum while maintaining true mission flexibility. The AAC is the lightest plate carrier and has the lowest profile. It has minimal padding on the shoulder straps which helps keep you streamlined. It is cut to fit either "Swimmer" or ESAPI/SPEAR cut ballistic plates, backed with an unpadded water-resistant nylon mesh. Designed to quickly shed water and aid in the transition from over the beach to over the hills.

This carrier can be configured with the CTFSS cummerbund, BC Inserts and soft armor ballistic inserts (to support in conjunction ballistic hard plates) as required. The AAC standard cummerbund will accept side plates and soft armor inserts. Both wings of the AAC Plate Carrier's front panel have pockets with adjustable tie downs which can hold radios similar to the size and shape of the AN/PRC-148 (MBITR) or AN/PRC-152 (MBHH) and can even be adjusted to fit the 60 Round Surefire M4 Magazine. The AAC utilizes the latest in FirstSpear technologies including the 6/12 pocket attachment system and Tubes technology. This is a state of the art capability designed to support all types of operations.

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