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Granqvist M1009 Desert Combat Glove Lambskin Beige

SKU 305270285-M
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Granqvist's populære M1009 stridshanske av lammeskinn og og Nomex. Spesielt designet for bruk i tørt og varmt klima.

Desert Combat gloves are specifically designed for dry and warm climate. A very popular amongst air and land troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.Composition of long hair sheep skin with meta-aramids fibres in Nomex® gives excellent dexterity and unique grip. Gloves provide protection against blade cut, puncture, abrasion and fire. Many years of experience and advanced technology contributes to “your second skin” gloves which weight only 60 grams.

Type: Flame resistance
Category: Cat. II
Materials: Hair sheep Leather, Nomex®.
Cut resitance: Level 2

Size (number)  10  11  12 

Size (letter) 


Length (mm) 

163-169 169-176 176-185 185-194 194-203 205-212 212-219 219-226

Circumference (mm) 

183-189 189-196 196-205 205-214 214-223 223-232 232-241 241-250

Length: The measurement from the first crease of the wrist to the top of the middle finger

Circumference: The measurement around your hand just under the knuckles

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
FargeCoyote/Brown/Tan/Flat Dark Earth